AB Spotlight: Pivoting to a new client base during Covid-19

14th April 2021

AB Spotlight: Pivoting to a new client base during Covid-19

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic had massive ramifications for businesses worldwide. Few were harder hit than the hospitality industry and its suppliers.

Arca Blanca’s client, a provider of hygiene products to the hospitality sector, was left highly exposed by the initial lockdown and needed help to move quickly and seek new demand sources.

When the pandemic began, our client was on the receiving end of several order cancellations. With fewer people staying in hotels and visiting restaurants, demand from existing customers slumped, even though there was global desperation for cleaning products.

Optimising a product range

It was clear that their products would be invaluable in responding to the pandemic, but a reprioritisation of resources was needed in order to optimise their product range and work with new customers. They also had a great desire to become a partner in pandemic mitigation and prevention efforts.

Scaling up and repositioning the business while under lockdown, with work-from-home orders in place added to the challenge.

Arca Blanca used the disruption as an opportunity to reshape the client’s operations, prepare for a new phase of accelerated growth and expand into new sectors.

Our experience in delivering award-winning transformation programmes meant we were well-equipped to support the client both in the short- and long-term.

We created a new operating model to support their commercial proposition, applying our experience in designing supply chains to ensure resilience.

As the pandemic took hold, Arca Blanca’s innovative thinking helped us to pivot our client base at a time of great uncertainty. Their work helped to optimise our product range, preparing us to play a role in pandemic mitigation and prevention, while also setting us on course for future growth.

-Managing Director, Hygiene Product Manufacturer

Embedding long-term change

We created a joint team, which fostered engagement and created an alignment of objectives, to develop a product strategy that would best position the company for success during and beyond Covid-19. New ways of working were implemented to embed these changes long-term, leading to better interoperability between business functions that is often not implemented effectively during change initiatives.

A proliferation of their product range had created a lot of confusion among customers. We consolidated their portfolio, streamlining their offering to provide products customers needed to use.

Furthermore, using data analysis, we discovered significant improvements that could be made to their pricing mechanism, boosting profitability.

The results were a resounding success, Arca Blanca created a framework for change, achieving the client’s three main goals of business improvement, Covid-19 management and creating a foundation for post-pandemic growth.

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