Consumer Products: Pivoting to a new client base during Covid-19

The Challenge

Provider to hospitality industry saw demand collapse due to Covid-19

Large range of hygiene products became attractive to other markets

Need to reposition business to target new sectors with optimised range

Desire to become an invaluable partner in pandemic prevention

The client is a manufacturer and distributor of cleaning & hygiene products to the hospitality sector. When the Covid-19 crisis began demand from this sector collapsed. However, it was clear that the client’s products would become invaluable in responding to the pandemic, but the company would need to optimise their product range and begin to work with new customers. Scaling up and repositioning the business during the first lockdown was a challenge.

The Results

New product strategy created to deliver growth

A radically new go-to-market model, with changes to ways of working

A new operating model quickly designed implemented to support this

Improvements to pricing mechanisms to boost profitability

Arca Blanca set out to create a new operating model that would support the client’s commercial proposition and how its supply chain should operate. We delivered a new product strategy to identify ways in which the client could grow during and beyond Covid-19. To ensure the new go-to-market model’s success, we also instituted changes to the client’s ways of working. Data analysis was used to improve pricing mechanisms and boost profitability.


As the pandemic took hold, Arca Blanca's innovative thinking helped us to pivot our client base at a time of great uncertainty. Their work helped to optimise our product range, preparing us to play a role in pandemic mitigation and prevention, while also setting us on course for future growth. We would be very happy to work with them again in the future.

Managing Director, Hygiene Product Manufacturer

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