Public Sector & Education

Creating a new business model for higher education

The Challenge

Enhancing employment prospects & by addressing a UK skills shortage

Improving inclusion and diversity in coding

Navigating an untested technical and commercial opportunity

Generating a national revenue stream for a charity

A large London-based further education charity with students speaking over a hundred languages wanted to bring coding to a diverse candidate pool. This would create a route to well-paid careers in a UK sector with a skills shortage. They identified a new business opportunity: using a teacher-less learning platform to produce highly employable full-stack developers. Help was needed to decide on whether to invest and if so, on what terms.

The Results

A new business model identified and tested

In-depth analysis of the technology platform construct

Clarity over the commercial route forward

A prioritized plan for addressing risks and exploiting opportunities

£10m revenue

from an educational platform joint venture

Arca Blanca assessed the market, the operating model, the supporting technology, and the coding school teaching approach. We provided answers to the trustees and executive team and we assessed the material and significant threats and opportunities presented by the venture.  Our research and analysis helped the client to make informed decisions on whether to invest, and on what terms to maximize social and commercial value from the venture.


Arca Blanca was called to support a large London based future education provider ahead of their venture into education technology. Our expertise in business model design and in-depth analysis of risk that would emerge from new this new business model allowed the executive team and trustees to be aligned and make an informed investment decision.

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