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The insurance platform of the future

The Challenge

Increasing pressure from new Insurance Tech competitors

Complex political, regulatory, legal and customer dynamics

Business as usual was dominating leadership time

Legacy business with technological debt

The client was generating >€10bn premiums in almost 20 countries. However, fast-growing customer-centric Insurance Tech companies were disrupting core markets. The client knew they needed to change quickly. Driven by a desire to show progress, they had rushed into identifying potential acquisition targets before firming up their strategic direction. There was a real risk of creating a patchwork of disjointed capabilities and inheriting legacy technological debt.

The Results

A blueprint for creating defensible ecosystem-based platforms

New business models based on data-driven insights and strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships identified

A clear roadmap of acquisition targets and capabilities builds


annual insurance premiums being disrupted

Arca Blanca led the design of a revolutionary new platform for one of the client’s core markets. This would use the client’s scale to create an ecosystem of strategic partnerships from across their value chain. For customers, this meant a superior and hard-to-replicate proposition and experience. For the client, it would disrupt the disruptors and create a blueprint for how this legacy business could create truly defensible market positions.


Creating a platform is neither desirable nor feasible for most businesses. The remarkable success of a few large platform-based companies is more than matched by the struggles of those that didn’t survive. However, in this case there was a perfect opportunity to create a disruptive platform that would generate value for all participants.

Gitte Ganderup, Partner, Arca Blanca

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