Launching a programme to become data-led

The Challenge

Future demand and customer preference not well understood

Strategic decisions not underpinned with trusted data

A history of tactical solutions that have increased technical debt

Past projects had not delivered value in required timescales

A market-leading developer, owner and operator of purpose-built accommodation was looking to improve profits by better anticipating future market demands and using this insight in strategic decisions. The client was aware that their current data maturity did not allow them to act with the speed and effectiveness required. The organisation had previously been successful by relying on the ‘gut-feel’ of key individuals but were now at risk of falling behind.

The Results

Holistic view of data maturity and the critical gaps to be resolved

‘No regrets’ data projects set up to quickly deliver business priorities

Practical roadmap to incrementally build analytics and insights solutions

Began creation of a data-driven investment-support tool


new unified data roadmap designed, agreed and begun

Arca Blanca performed a 1-month rapid data maturity assessment with holistic recommendations affective capabilities, ways of working and data & technology platforms. These findings were supported across the organisation. We also created a single unified roadmap to enable the client to become data-led, in parallel with progressively delivering value. As a first step, we began creating a data-driven investment-support tool that will enhance ROI.


Many businesses know they need to deliver value from data, but do not know where to start. In under one month, Arca Blanca co-developed a holistic view of data maturity and developed a unified and wide-ranging roadmap of activities that would quickly deliver value to the business. These recommendations had substantial buy-in from the organisation.

Marco Mormone, Partner, Arca Blanca

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