Growth through service innovation

The Challenge

New leadership needed to demonstrate opportunities for growth

Existing revenue from service charges had limited growth potential

Competitors capturing value from changing customer needs

Lack of capability and capacity to develop new propositions

A nationwide property portfolio owner and manager provided limited management services to its customers, such as repairs and maintenance. These were charged to customers through a traditional service charge mechanism. The company’s new leadership team saw an opportunity to provide additional complementary services that would meet changing customer needs and create a new area of business growth. However, the operational team had no experience of setting up or delivering new services and did not know where to begin.

The Results

Tested and validated 25 new services in an innovation incubator

Begun rollout of new services with anticipated revenue of £40m p.a.

>300 customers involved, leading to improved engagement scores

Incubator embedded in ways of working with trained staff


annual additional revenue validated and being realised

Arca Blanca needed to teach the client to design, test and rollout new services in a way that was low-cost and repeatable. We worked with a small team of the client’s people to set up an innovation incubator. This joint team worked with customers to develop ‘minimal viable services’ which could be used to test propositions and prices. 25 services went through the incubator, many requiring partnerships with complementary service providers. Successful services have been rolled out, and the incubation process has become embedded.


Arca Blanca have played a critical role in setting up and driving the incubator. We started [this project] as a trial through a quick start-up incubator approach and it immediately got traction as we learned what customers liked about it and adapted. It has grown rapidly.

Chief Operating Officer, Property Manager

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