Reducing churn and increasing growth

The Challenge

Customer churn rising over 3 years, despite best-in-sector product

40% of churn attributed to internal implementation quality issues

Aggressive pricing by competitors responsible for 30% of churn

Recent private equity investor replaced key management

A SaaS provider’s product objectively provided better outcomes for their customers than competitors’ solutions. When benefits were independently reviewed, our client’s product saved more money and time. Despite this, customer churn levels had risen from almost zero to concerning levels over 3 years. A new private equity owner needed these trends to be turned around and had already installed new management.

The Results

Churn levels reduced and new client wins accelerated

New customer journeys for onboarding and account management

Solution benefit measurement and ROI formalised and promoted

‘Customer for life’ approach adopted at every touch point


proven benefits delivered to end customers

Arca Blanca quickly surveyed customers and began solving issues in critical areas. Solution implementation was letting down our client and leading to users not realising promised benefits. Following this, ongoing customer relationships were not being managed well. Finally, the superior benefits offered by our client was being drowned out by low-cost competitors. We successfully resolved these issues and developed a capability roadmap to prevent a recurrence.


Despite a market-leading product, our client was seeing customer churn increase dramatically. Arca Blanca was tasked with determining why this was happening and implementing a rapid response. In a short period we surveyed new and historic customers, determined root causes and turned around performance. We left the client with a long-term capability roadmap.

Ravi Lal-Sarin, Partner, Arca Blanca

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