From concept to market in only 3 months

The Challenge

The client identified the need for a secure social distancing device

They had never worked on consumer products before

Design, testing, production and sales had to be completed in a few weeks

They had never done anything similar and were working in a new market

Tharsus, a leading UK robotics company, identified a need for a secure, social distancing device following the outbreak of Covid-19. The device would enable businesses to reopen at a higher capacity. Without a background in consumer products, the client needed help to create an operating model, sales channels and value proposition messaging. Because of the evolving nature of the pandemic, the company had an extremely limited timeframe in which to execute testing and production to meet high, but concentrated demand.

The Results

First product delivered in only 3 months after idea generation

A new organisation and operating model was in place within weeks

The B2B2C proposition created a launch pad for more products in future

Client gained high public visibility and won new customers


from concept to commercialisation

Arca Blanca enabled Tharsus to deliver the first product just three months after the idea was incepted. A new organisation was created, along with an operating model to support the sale of a product to a new market segment in just weeks. A go-to-market plan was devised, involving a rapid partner evaluation process. As a result, Tharsus received widespread praise for its product, along with new customers for the wider business. The success of the operating model also created a launch pad for developing new products in a new market.


Working with Arca Blanca to take Bump to market was an extremely positive experience and we would be delighted to partner with them in the future. Their expertise and how they collaborated in the joint team meant Tharsus could pivot from delivering complex robotic solutions to taking a consumer device to market in just a few months, addressing the crisis of a global pandemic at warp speed. The joint-team approach challenged our thinking and delivered the experience and capability to create a launchpad for more products in the future.

Brian Palmer, CEO, Tharsus

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