Executive Data Masterclass: the essential guide to practical AI

26th April 2023

Executive Data Masterclass: the essential guide to practical AI

Artificial intelligence dominates the headlines, part promise and part spectre, as society grapples with how technology is changing the way we live – and work.

It is becoming almost certain that every senior business leader will sooner or later need to leverage data-led technologies to advance their organisation – and their career.

The Data Masterclass aims to equip executives with enough knowledge to unlock the opportunity and avoid the pitfalls of harnessing AI.

Getting to grips with data can involve:

  • Misalignment between stakeholder expectations and what data science can realistically deliver.
  • A bewildering array of products, services and providers mostly speaking in a language that is not well understood.
  • A long list of competing demands on limited investment capital.

The masterclass is a 2-hour face-to-face session for the executive team and covers:

1) Harnessing data & AI

Introducing the size of the opportunity, AI mythbusting and the role of data leadership from the top.

2) Mastering data fundamentals

The basics of data science and the different methods that can be used to create value.

3) Practical use cases

How businesses can use AI to generate sales, improve pricing, identify high lifetime-value customers and create sophisticated customer insights.

4) Creating a data strategy

What techniques and technologies does your business need to successfully execute being data-led?

5) Exploring AI & ethics

Discussion of bias in data modelling and how you can safely use data to drive insight without compromising GDPR

6) Asking the right questions

What questions should you ask of yourself, of your teams and of your data experts? Speaking the same language can make a big difference.

The aim of the masterclass is to equip you with the confidence to talk about and deploy AI methods.

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AI: Artificial Intelligence

The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior, such as Reasoning, Learning, Natural language processing and also movement.

ML: Machine Learning

The capability of a machine to “learn” — by using data to improve performance on a specific task — without being explicitly programmed.

DL: Deep Learning

A subset of ML that uses neural networks to learn and recognize patterns in data. DL can automatically learn patterns from raw data without the need for manual feature engineering. It is particularly powerful for tasks that involve unstructured data, such as images, speech, and text.

Generative AI

The capability of a machine to generate new data based on patterns found in existing data. Prominent  generic ‘Text-to-Text’ examples are ChatGPT and Bard.

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