Arca Blanca joins Artefact

6th December 2022

Arca Blanca joins Artefact

Artefact, a global data transformation consultancy, has acquired UK-based Arca Blanca, a fast-growth and innovative data consulting company, to further expand its footprint in the region and support its goal of becoming one of the world’s leading independent data consulting groups.

The agreement will augment the Group’s offering, bringing new and expanded data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to Artefact and Arca Blanca clients and enabling enhanced partnerships with technology providers. The move comes as organisations in all industry sectors rapidly shift to data-driven business models to accelerate their business transformation and improve competitiveness through better prediction and enhanced decision-making.

Since being founded in 2018, Arca Blanca has achieved a compound annual growth rate of around 40%. The company combines data expertise with in-depth business knowledge to resolve complex growth and profitability challenges for clients, who consist of blue-chip FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 enterprises. It operates across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, infrastructure and property, private equity and financial services, thereby complementing Artefact’s strengths, particularly in FMCG, retail, luxury and beauty, and eCommerce.

Arca Blanca’s experienced team of 50 data scientists, technology specialists, business consultants and industry professionals will join Artefact’s data experts; they will be part of the Group’s wider operation that has over 1000 employees and locations in every continent.

UK-based and international clients can further accelerate their business transformation, benefiting from the combined skills, services and technology expertise of the fully integrated collaboration between the two companies. The complementary nature of each company’s current remit will power a broadened range of data consulting services, with these including the definition of data strategy and governance, the implementation of data platforms and customer data platforms (CDP), the development of advanced AI use cases, change management services, and in-depth user training to ensure maximum ROI is derived from the new solutions.

The acquisition of Arca Blanca is an integral element of Artefact’s objective to become the global independent leader in data consulting. Along with strong organic growth, Artefact has followed a fast-moving consolidation strategy. In 2021 it acquired Vivadata to facilitate the Artefact School of Data (which offers high-level education and training on data and AI to clients and professionals); in September 2022 it purchased Start-up Inside to deliver AI hackathons and data democratisation through large international conferences, and in November 2022 it acquired Moroccan consulting Adalyne to accelerate the deployment of Artefact Africa. With the strategic support of international private equity firms Ardian and Cathay Capital, Artefact’s stated aim is to triple both its revenue and workforce by 2025.

“Our two companies share an ambitious vision and are fully aligned on how we should bring the best data consulting, data science and software engineering capabilities to market at scale. Our complementary expertise across the full scope of industry sectors and AI technologies will result in enhanced services and deliver incremental value to both our clients and joint teams in the UK.”

-Pascal Coggia, managing partner of Artefact UK

“Joining forces with Artefact was an easy decision. Technology and expertise are definitely key, but just as critical to future success are company cultures and fit. In Artefact we see a partner with the same entrepreneurial and innovative outlook, belief in a fully collaborative and cross-disciplinary way of working, and commitment to delivering excellence and tangible results for clients.”

-Ravi Lal-Sarin, CEO and founder of Arca Blanca

“We are proud to welcome Arca Blanca to the Artefact family. Combining the talents of both companies positions us as a pivotal player in the UK and beyond, as organisations recognise the vital role that data transformation plays in today’s challenging environment. It is also another major milestone in our ambitious growth strategy aimed at becoming a key leader in global data consulting services.”

-Vincent Luciani, CEO and co-founder of Artefact Group


Artefact is an international data services company specializing in data transformation and data & digital marketing consulting, whose mission is to transform data into business impact by delivering tangible results across the entire value chain.

Artefact's unique approach, which bridges the gap between data and business, enables our clients to achieve their business objectives in a dedicated and efficient manner. Our 1000 employees combine their multidisciplinary skills to help companies innovate their business.

Our cutting-edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence and our agile methods guarantee the success of our clients' AI projects, from design to deployment, including training and change management. Covering Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa through our local presence in 16 offices, we work with leading international brands such as Orange, Samsung, L'Oréal, or Sanofi worldwide.


Arca Blanca is an integrated AI and consulting company. We enable businesses to embrace uncertainty, evolve and prosper – unlocking their most valuable opportunities and resolving their most complex challenges. We do this by combining expertise in artificial intelligence with a deep knowledge of how businesses operate. Using leading thinking in data science, business model design and a creative approach to problem-solving, Arca Blanca enables clients to accelerate the delivery of results, speed up decision making and take control of the growth agenda.


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